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Frequently Asked Questions (Care Seeker)

It’s easy! Simply specify the type of service you are looking for, duration and time of pickup in the fields required then click search! Coddle will provide you with results containing a list of Coddlers that best fit your search criteria. What is great about Coddle is it allows you to evaluate the suitability of the shortlisted Coddlers based on their profiles before deciding which best suits your requirements e.g. languages spoken to allow for easy communication with careseeker. Once you have selected your Coddler of choice, the Coddler is notified of your request and upon acceptance of the request, you are all set!
Coddlers are individuals trained to provide medical chaperone or befriending services. They can be anyone who have an interest in providing these services – a retired nurse who would like to continue to put her skills to good use, a home-maker who has some free time to spare when her children are in school or a student who’s interested to work with seniors to have a better understanding of the silver population. Each Coddler is carefully screened and assessed to ensure that only those who have the right profile (working with seniors, basic caregiving training) are selected.
Each Coddler is carefully screened by Coddle. In addition, Coddlers are also required to attend caregiving training provided by our training partners to ensure that they are equipped to provide the best care to your loved ones. To help you shortlist and finally select the Coddler with a profile that’s right for you, we recommend looking at ratings and past reviews by other care seekers in order to make an informed decision.
Coddle recommends a minimum booking of a 3-hour duration as this is the typical duration for a medical appointment, inclusive of waiting time and to-and-fro commute. However, please take note that the recommended hours is an estimation and can vary depending on the complexity of each medical visit, so careseekers are advised to exercise their discretion when they make a booking. Should the actual service session take more (or less) time than what’s booked, your Coddler will adjust the hours accordingly (to the nearest hour) and propose the changes to you for review. A booking is only considered complete after you and your Coddler have agreed on the hours for the booking.
Transport is not included with the Coddler service that you have booked. However, the integration of transport options is in the pipeline to provide a seamless medical chaperone service to careseekers. As of now, please ensure that careseekers have cash in hand for public commute purpose.
With the aim of providing a seamless experience for users of Coddle, payment for Coddle services will be secured cashless transactions made online or via the Coddle app powered by BrainTree which supports payment through most credit cards issued by major banks.
If there is a particular Coddler whom you would like to engage again, we recommend that you book his/her service in advance. However, if you are booking a Coddler at short notice, you can submit multiple Coddler requests to ensure a better chance at securing an acceptance of your request. All other requests will be automatically cancelled once a Coddler has accepted your request.
Making your Coddler aware of the careseeker’s medical history will allow him/her to evaluate whether the assignment is suitable for him/her (example: if you are requesting medical chaperone for a plus-size careseeker, a petite Coddler may not be well-suited for the assignment). Also, additional information will also help your Coddler to prepare for the assignment where applicable and necessary.
Coddle takes any form of discrimination very seriously. If you have experienced potential discrimination whilst using Coddle, we encourage you to highlight it to our attention by contacting us at immediately.
On time service delivery is a priority for Coddle and any lapses in this area is viewed seriously and prompt actions will be taken to ensure minimal disruption to your schedules. A thorough investigation will follow and careseekers will be duly informed of the outcome of the investigation.
Upon completion of each Coddle booking, both care seeker and Coddler will be asked to rate and provide a review of their experience of the session. Such feedback will help Coddle improve our services and aid new Coddle users in the selection of Coddlers. Coddle is committed to providing high quality medical chaperone service and your honest rating and reviews will help us improve our services.
Coddle is committed to ensure that all assignments are carried out fairly. As such, after an assignment is completed, careseekers will have up to 3 days to dispute charges that they have been billed. An investigation will then follow with remediative actions.
All our services are done through cashless payment. As of now, we do not support any form of cash payment. If a Coddler requests that you pay an additional amount, please inform Coddle immediately.
We love questions! Feel free to email us at and we will get back to you quickly!